Sikka AI-API Summit 2023

Learn how’s award-winning AI-based API solution can help you launch your company in the healthcare industry!

Join us virtually on Friday, June 23, 9am - 1pm PDT


When: Friday, June 23, 2023, 9am - 1pm PDT

Where: Virtual (conference link available upon registration)

Cost: Free ($49 registration fee will be applied for registrations starting May 25th)

Theme: How to use the Sikka ONE API in your DSO or application building to turbocharge growth!

Have you wondered how artificial intelligence (AI) can either make, or break, the healthcare industry? From data lakes, applications, insurance eligibility and benefits, patient/practice financing, and patient economic well-being scores to AI-based procedure prediction, production prediction, and customer lifetime value, new explosive developments in generative AI, large language models, and ChatGPT are starting to make waves in the industry. We’re here to discuss how you can conquer the new AI frontier and ride the wave to success.

This Summit gives a fantastic opportunity for new, potential, and current API partners to learn about the best use cases of Sikka’s award-winning API platform from the power users. You will also hear and interact with top executives from some of the largest DSOs, who are managing hundreds of practices and building billion-dollar revenue businesses, on the Sikka Platform. Over $30B of revenue processed in the dental and veterinary industries will be represented by companies and teams participating in this Summit.

Why Attend?

Dental Service Organizations
  • Find out how metrics like customer lifetime value can help you retain the right patients
  • Discover how new AI-based scores can replace out-of-date credit scores
  • Learn how you provide the best patient experience PMS and insurance payments integrations
  • See how AI can help predict a patient’s next major procedure
  • Hear and interact with top executives from some of the largest DSOs on our platform
Software Companies and Developers
  • Learn from leading healthcare executives on how to scale
  • Gain insights into the application requirements of healthcare practitioners
  • Discover how our AI-based API platform can connect you to 96% of the retail healthcare market
  • Bring your application to market in as little as two weeks
  • Find best-in-class applications to enhance clinical care and your online reputation
  • See how to reach patients with HIPAA-compliant messaging
  • Discover the power of AI to optimize production goal setting and your fee schedule
  • Learn how to get paid faster
  • Automate practice performance reporting
  • Improve your online reputation
  • Use AI to optimize production goal setting
  • Optimize your fee schedule
  • Boost hospital financial performance


Featured Speakers

Chris Cunningham

Chris Cunningham, BA
Senior Business Development Manager

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Dave Monahan

Dave Monahan, MBA

Kleer Logo
Gregory Rossi

Gregory Rossi, BA
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

Oakpoint Logo
Mini Suri

Mini Suri, MBA
Co-founder & CEO

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Sikka Speakers

Manoj Joshi

Manoj Joshi, MS
Senior Data Scientist

Amyn Patel

Amyn Patel, BA
Partner Enablement Success Manager

Ruqi Pei

Ruqi Pei, Ph.D
Lead Data Scientist

Sanjay Rajak

Sanjay Rajak, B.Tech
Head of Sikka API

Vijay Sikka

Vijay Sikka, MS
Founder & CEO

Elisa Thompson

Elisa Thompson, MBA
Vice President, Marketing

Brian Wu

Brian Wu, BS
Lead Marketing Analyst

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For any additional questions or if you’d like to learn more, please email We hope to see you there!